Nothing is real. Every thought in your mind was planted there, by someone or something whether consciously or subconsciously.

Are you really having a rage against the machine? Or were you just convinced that all teenagers rebel? Are you really following ‘your dreams’? Or are you just doing what your parents told you? Do you really want to wear that top? Or does society want you to wear that top? Mind fuck.

You are nothing but a photo album of memories. A book written by the world around you. A collection of your experiences. A collage of ideas and concepts of who you should be that is slowly becoming who you are.

You don’t start listening to triple J, buy ripped jeans, pick up smoking and then call yourself ‘indie’. You aren’t trying to stand out, you are trying to fit in and you look like every other fucking 16 year old on Instagram.

You don’t go all ‘eat, pray, love’, spend some time travelling, become Buddhist and find yourself. You find a fucking philosophy that some dude came up with before you were even alive.

You’re predictable just like everyone else. You follow the trends, you do what you think you should, whatever helps you sleep at night. And you think you are so freaking special. Guess what? You’re human just like everybody else. We all feel the same emotions, have the same natural thought processes and reactions. When someone does something that you don’t like, maybe think about how if you were them and had their life, you would do the same thing. Self-absorption makes you messier. So you think you’re strong because of what you are forced to carry? You’re not the only one. Doesn’t means you are weak. Just means everybody else is strong too.

Is it possible to break free from the simulation of an existence, this endless cycle of brainwashing?

In writing this have i broken free? Of course not. Im just a cynic. Everything has just simply sparked a thought process in me. And by reading this the thought has been planted in you. Mind fuckity fuck.


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