What kind of demons go through our heads?

I don’t really know whether there’s a heaven or hell, or if you’re born again as someone else after you die. I don’t think it really makes sense going to a better or worse place, would either one be the same if there was no contrast? Without the difference between good and bad? There’s not much to do around here, unless you make your own fun. What are we doing? What do we ever do? We’re stuck in a draining dream where nothing ever changes. We do the same shit everyday.

Death happens, yes.

But suicide is different, because no ones sure what happens after death, but you’re betting its got to be something better than what you’ve got, or anything different to what you’ve got. Imagine that. Thinking so little of life that death has to be the better option, well I guess I don’t have to imagine. Maybe I just don’t see it, maybe I’m somewhere so dark I don’t see life’s colours, shapes, sounds its just another stab in the heart. Maybe I’ve never experienced that moment of not knowing anything as a child. I don’t know what kind of demons go through our heads. I’ve heard that people have done it before, but a year ago I didn’t think I would be the one trying.


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