8:44pm HIM: What’s wrong? I’m drowning in my own thoughts, why can’t I think straight? I just need someone to tell me it’s going to be ok, please, please tell me everything will be ok. HER: Nothing, what are you up to? HIM: No HIM: Tell me what’s wrong You won’t understand, what if I […]

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Fake smile

It’s her again. Sitting in the corner. Again. You know ever since she was little she’s wanted to marry a man who would treat her like she’s the only girl in the world, and having amazing best friends for the rest of her life. As she grew up all her friends grew cold, so she […]

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Someone Like Me

He said I love you today. He looked me in the eyes, held my face and whispered, ‘I love you’ All I could think about is asking ‘why?’ Why love someone that’s held together by glue, someone that could shatter at any moment, piercing anything that gets too close. Why risk that? I’ve given him […]

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You have consumed my thoughts once again. I like you. I don’t necessarily like you for the reasons others do. I like you for the small minor details that no one seems to notice. The way your eyes crease when you smile, or how the way you stare at something you love you get a sparkle […]

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I live for the little things in life. I live for the 5am sunrises down by the river and the 5pm sunsets out the window. I see colours in the sky, wonderful colours that don’t belong. I live for the road trips and the long peaceful bike rides, the music I’m surrounded by and the […]

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Constant Cycle

Everything is just a massive repeat, nothing ever changes. I wake up go to school and do the same shit every day. I’m sick of it. What are we going to do when we leave school? Will everything still be the same, a constant cycle of repeat? I would think so, I can’t imagine anything […]

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A Series of Questions

Why can’t people live with each other in peace? Why must everything be destroyed? Why must people be hungry whilst surplus food elsewhere in the world rots away? Why must people be so stupid? We can bomb the world to pieces but what we can’t do is bomb the world into its place.. so why […]

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